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The Essence of Sign Architects
The Essence of Sign Architects

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Case Studies

Explore Our Case Studies:

Welcome to our diverse portfolio of successful projects! Each case study below showcases our commitment to excellence, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail across various industries and challenging scenarios. We invite you to explore these stories to see how we’ve helped transform our clients’ visions into impactful realities. Discover the breadth of our capabilities and the creative solutions we provide that go beyond ordinary signage solutions.

Paris St. Germain (PSG)

Delve into our prestigious project for Paris St. Germain’s flagship store in London. Sign Architects managed a complex array of corporate and regulatory requirements to deliver signage that truly represents one of the world’s most fashionable football clubs.

Tiles DIY

Learn how Sign Architects redefined the visual branding for Tiles DIY across several locations, boosting their market presence and enhancing customer engagement. Witness our journey from conception to flawless execution in this detailed case study.

Parkview City

Dive into our comprehensive signage project for Parkview City’s UK flagship office. Discover how Sign Architects delivered bespoke solutions that seamlessly blended with the client’s brand ethos, overcoming significant logistical challenges. Explore the full story of our innovative approach and strategic execution.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Uncover the detailed craftsmanship behind Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ first UK store signage. Sign Architects expertly navigated complex regulatory challenges and coordinated with multiple stakeholders to produce signage that stands out in the luxury market.

London Move Estate Agents

Explore how Sign Architects created a unique and visually striking signboard for London Move Estate Agents. Our bespoke design, featuring elegant copper lettering and halo lighting, sets a new standard in real estate signage.

All Onda

Step into the world of All Onda, where Sign Architects crafted both internal and external signage to reflect the restaurant’s pursuit of a Michelin star. Experience how precision in design and execution can enhance brand identity and atmosphere.