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Tiles DIY Case Study

Nationwide Signage Rollout for Tiles DIY


Client: Tiles DIY
Industry: Retail
Project: Comprehensive Signage Update
Objective: To systematically update and standardize signage across all Tiles DIY locations nationwide, enhancing brand coherence and visual appeal.

Client Background

Tiles DIY is an established chain of tile depots with numerous outlets across the UK. The company sought a reliable and experienced signage solutions provider capable of handling large-scale operations. The goal was to refresh and standardize the signage to ensure consistency across all locations as part of a broader branding strategy.


  • Nationwide Coordination: Managing logistics and installation across multiple locations to maintain consistency in signage.
  • Time Sensitivity: Implementing updates within a tight schedule to minimize disruption to daily operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating diverse local regulations and securing necessary permits for signage across various jurisdictions.

Project Execution

Initial Consultations

  • Client Meetings: Collaborative sessions with Tiles DIY management to outline the scope and specifications of the required signage.
  • Site Surveys: Conducted thorough surveys at each location to tailor the signage solutions to individual store layouts and local requirements.

Design and Planning

  • Concept Development: Development of a unified signage design template that reflects the Tiles DIY brand ethos.
  • Client Feedback: Regular interactions with the client to refine the designs and ensure alignment with their vision.


  • Logistical Management: Coordinated the manufacturing and distribution of signage materials to various nationwide locations.
  • Installation: Streamlined installations were carried out by local teams, overseen by project managers to ensure consistency and quality.


  • Brand Uniformity: Achieved a cohesive and refreshed brand appearance across all store locations, significantly enhancing brand recognition.
  • Operational Efficiency: Completed the signage rollout within the planned timeline, with minimal impact on store operations.


“Sign Architects has been instrumental in transforming the visual identity of Tiles DIY stores across the UK. Their expertise in managing large-scale signage projects ensured a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.” – Management, Tiles DIY


This project showcases Sign Architects’ capability to manage extensive signage updates on a national scale, demonstrating our commitment to quality, consistency, and client satisfaction in every aspect of our work.