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London Move Case Study

Signature Signage forLondon MoveEstate Agents


Client: London Move Estate Agents
Industry: Real Estate
Project: Custom External Signage Design
Objective: To design and install an exceptional and distinctive signboard that enhances brand recognition and visibility in the competitive North London real estate market.

Client Background

London Move Estate Agents, a high-end property agency in North London, approached Sign Architects to create a unique and visually striking external signboard. Under the leadership of CEO Abdul Azad, the agency sought to differentiate itself in the bustling local market through bespoke, innovative signage solutions.


  • Unique Design Requirements: Crafting a signboard that not only stands out visually but also complements the sophisticated branding of London Move.
  • Material Selection: Utilizing premium materials such as 100mm copper letters and a matt anthracite aluminium composite panel.
  • Lighting Integration: Incorporating advanced LED halo lighting to enhance visibility and impact during all hours.

Project Execution

Initial Consultations

  • Client Meetings: Detailed discussions with Abdul Azad to fully understand the agency’s vision and aesthetic preferences.
  • Design Specifications: Development of a signage design that reflects the premium nature of London Move’s branding.

Design and Planning

  • Concept Development: Creating a design that features bespoke copper lettering and sophisticated lighting effects.
  • Client Feedback: Regular review sessions with the client to refine the design and ensure it met all expectations.


  • Material Sourcing: Procuring high-quality copper and aluminium composite materials suited for the sophisticated design.
  • Installation: Carefully installing the signboard with precision engineering, including the setup of LED halo lighting for night-time illumination.


  • Enhanced Brand Presence: The new signboard significantly boosted the visibility of London Move Estate Agents, attracting attention in a highly competitive market.
  • Client Satisfaction: Abdul Azad expressed profound satisfaction with the final product, which not only met but exceeded their expectations in terms of design and quality.


“The bespoke signboard created by Sign Architects has transformed our storefront, setting us apart from the competition and significantly enhancing our street presence. The attention to detail and quality of work have been second to none.” – Abdul Azad, CEO of London Move Estate Agents


This project highlights Sign Architects’ expertise in delivering custom signage solutions that combine luxury aesthetics with functional design, catering to the specific needs of clients in the high-end market segment.