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Malabar Case Study

Malabar Gold & Diamonds UK Store Launch


Client: Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Industry: Jewellery
Project: Signage Design and Installation for First UK Store
Objective: To establish a striking and luxurious signage presence for Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ debut in the UK market, ensuring the brand’s prestigious reputation is reflected in every aspect.

Client Background

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, a world-renowned jeweller based in Dubai, is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious jewellery collections. As the brand sought to expand its global presence with a new store in the UK, they required signage that matched their high standards and opulent aesthetic.


  • Design Complexity: Creating signage that reflects the luxury and elegance of a premier jewellery brand.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Obtaining local planning consent for signage in a prime retail location, involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Coordination with Multiple Parties: Collaborating with designers, surveyors, builders, managing agents, and the freeholder to ensure a seamless installation process.

Project Execution

Initial Consultations

  • Stakeholder Meetings: Discussions with Malabar’s brand representatives to align the signage design with their global brand identity.
  • Regulatory Navigation: Working closely with local authorities and consultants to meet all compliance requirements.

Design and Planning

  • Concept Development: Crafting advanced metal fabrication designs, integrating crafted acrylic lettering, and incorporating intricate lighting to highlight the brand’s luxury.
  • Feedback Integration: Iterative design process with Malabar’s team to fine-tune and approve the final designs.


  • Permit Acquisition: Successfully navigating the complexities of local planning permissions.
  • Technical Installation: Utilizing a scissor lift and crane to install heavy metal structures safely, with feature cladding and UV printing on aluminium composite panels.


  • Brand Impact: The bespoke signage effectively conveys the opulence of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, enhancing their brand visibility and appeal in a competitive luxury market.
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: High praise from Malabar for maintaining their global brand standards and successfully managing a complex installation process.


“The expertise and dedication of Sign Architects have been instrumental in launching our first UK store. They successfully brought our vision to life, ensuring our signage stands as a testament to the luxury and elegance of our brand.” – Management, Malabar Gold & Diamonds


This project exemplifies Sign Architects’ capability to execute complex, high-end signage projects that meet both aesthetic desires and stringent regulatory standards. Our commitment to detailed craftsmanship and collaborative project management ensures that each signage installation is a beacon of quality and luxury.