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All Onda Case Study

All OndaRestaurant Signage


Client: All Onda
Industry: Hospitality – Fine Dining
Project: Bespoke External Signage Design & Installation
Objective: To craft a signage identity for a Michelin Star aspiring restaurant that reflects its culinary excellence.

Client Background

All Onda, set in the vibrant West End, aims to be recognized with a Michelin star, symbolizing culinary excellence. To align with this prestigious goal, the restaurant required a signage partner capable of reflecting its sophisticated brand through bespoke signage solutions. Sign Architects were chosen for their proven expertise and innovative approach in high-end architectural signage.


  • Sophisticated Design Needs: The restaurant demanded premium quality signage that could complement its luxurious interior and exterior, maintaining brand coherence throughout.
  • Brand Consistency: Ensuring the signage reflects All Onda’s high standards and attention to detail, crucial for its Michelin star pursuit.
  • Installation Precision: The project involved meticulous installation processes using advanced techniques like laser cutting and CNC machinery, requiring high precision to achieve the desired aesthetic impact.

Project Execution

Initial Consultations

  • Client Meetings: Engaging with the founder to thoroughly understand the vision and essential brand elements.
  • Site Assessments: Conducting detailed evaluations of both the interior and exterior spaces to plan the signage placement optimally.

Design and Planning

  • Concept Development: Crafting custom designs using materials like acrylic and aluminium composite, tailored to elevate the restaurant’s visual appeal.
  • Client Feedback: An iterative review process ensuring every detail aligns with All Onda’s expectations.


  • Craftsmanship: Utilizing advanced fabrication techniques like laser cutting for acrylic and CNC cutting for aluminium, ensuring precision.
  • Installation: Executing the installation with specialised equipment, adhering to strict safety standards.


  • Visual Cohesion: The signage significantly enhanced the aesthetic appeal of All Onda, aligning with its sophisticated brand identity.
  • Brand Impact: The high-quality signage has contributed to the restaurant’s brand consistency, supporting its goal of achieving a Michelin star.
  • Client Approval: The founder expressed immense satisfaction with the strategic and aesthetic alignment of the signage with the restaurant’s ethos.


“The expertise and precision Sign Architects brought to this project were remarkable. Their attention to detail and commitment to maintaining our brand’s luxury standards were crucial in achieving the exquisite result.” – Founder of All Onda


This project highlights Sign Architects’ capability to deliver bespoke signage solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of luxury clients like All Onda. Through strategic planning, meticulous design, and precision execution, we ensure that every signage project contributes to enhancing our client’s brand prestige and aesthetic appeal.