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The Essence of Sign Architects
The Essence of Sign Architects

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Behind The Scene Our Team

At the heart of every sign, every design, and every innovation lies our most valuable asset: our team. This diverse group of creative thinkers, skilled craftsmen, and visionary leaders drives Sign Architects forward, embodying our core values of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Through their dedication and talent, we turn complex challenges into elegant solutions, bringing our clients’ visions to life. On this page, we celebrate the individuals behind our success, offering a glimpse into the minds and spirits that make Sign Architects not just a company, but a community of passionate creators.


Imran Haidar


A visionary leader and the driving force behind Sign Architects, Imran brings over two decades of experience in the signage industry.

About Imran Haidar

As the founder and CEO of Sign Architects, Imran Haidar has steered the company from its inception to its current status as an industry leader. With a background in design and a passion for transformative branding, Imran’s leadership is characterized by his commitment to innovation and quality. Under his guidance, Sign Architects has delivered thousands of impactful signage solutions, fostering a culture of excellence that permeates every project and client relationship. His strategic vision ensures that Sign Architects not only meets the current needs of its clients but also anticipates future trends and technologies in the signage industry.

"Leadership is not just about steering the ship but inspiring others to sail further." - Imran Haidar


Yusuf Rab


A strategic leader with a keen eye for innovation, Yusuf has been instrumental in guiding Sign Architects through expansive growth phases.

About Yusuf Rab

Yusuf Rab, the Chairman of Sign Architects, brings a wealth of experience and a strategic approach to overseeing the company’s operations and expansion. His expertise in corporate governance and strategic investment has significantly shaped the direction of Sign Architects, driving it towards sustainable growth and international recognition. With a strong focus on ethical leadership and corporate responsibility, Yusuf ensures that the company not only achieves its financial goals but also contributes positively to the communities it serves. His leadership style is marked by a commitment to fostering a culture of integrity and innovation, empowering the team to excel and innovate.

"Effective leadership is about making insightful decisions and encouraging the team to turn challenges into opportunities." - Yusuf Rab


Sukh Swali

Wholesale Sales Manager

Dynamic and driven, Sukh excels in expanding our market reach and nurturing pivotal client relationships.

About Sukh Swali

Sukh Swali, as the Wholesale Sales Manager at Sign Architects, plays a crucial role in driving the company’s sales strategies and expanding its client base. With a robust background in sales management and a proven track record of success, Sukh has effectively broadened our market presence, consistently exceeding sales targets. His strategic approach to client engagement ensures long-term partnerships and enhances client satisfaction. Sukh’s ability to understand and anticipate client needs has been instrumental in developing customized solutions that align with their specific requirements.

"Sales is not just about selling but about building trust and educating the customer." - Sukh Swali


Ledia Bellouli

Retail Sales Manager

Energetic and insightful, Ledia is a powerhouse in driving retail sales and enhancing customer engagement.

About Ledia Bellouli

Ledia Bellouli, serving as Retail Sales Manager at Sign Architects, is pivotal in spearheading the company’s retail sales initiatives and elevating the customer experience. Her extensive experience in retail management and customer service is marked by a passion for engaging with clients and understanding their needs. Ledia's strategic foresight and dedication to service excellence have significantly contributed to building a loyal customer base and increasing sales through innovative strategies and a personal touch.


"True sales leadership is about understanding customers' needs and crafting experiences that resonate." - Ledia Bellouli