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The Essence of Sign Architects
The Essence of Sign Architects

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Signage Types

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3 Types Of Signages

Facia Signs

Capture attention from the first glance with our custom Facia Signs. Designed for durability and style, they are your brand’s frontline, offering visibility and distinction in any setting. Make your entrance unforgettable.

Projecting Signs

Enhance your brand’s visibility with our Projecting Signs. Perfect for pedestrian traffic and roadside appeal, these signs are designed to be seen from all directions, making sure your message is never missed. Stand out, day and night.

Flat Cut Letters

Deliver your brand’s message with the refined elegance of Flat Cut Letters. Offering a sleek profile and versatile design options, these letters provide a sophisticated touch to any facade. Ideal for businesses seeking a minimalist yet impactful signage solution.

Flat Panel Sign

Present your brand with unmistakable clarity and sophistication through our Flat Panel Signage. Ideal for businesses aiming for a straightforward yet polished appearance, its sleek surface and sharp visuals ensure your message is both seen and remembered. Tailor it to match your brand identity and make a statement with understated elegance.

3D Built-Up Letters & Logos

Elevate your brand with the tangible depth of 3D Built-Up Letters & Logos. Crafted for impact, these signs bring your brand to life with unmatched dimensionality and presence. Perfect for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression, our customisable solutions offer a bold statement in both design and durability.

Face Illumination

Transform your signage into a beacon of brand identity with Face Illumination. Our methodically positioned LEDs shine through acrylic faces, available in a variety of colours, to deliver a luminous, uniform glow. Select from rimless or rim and return styles to suit your aesthetic, each designed to project a strong, vibrant illumination that captures attention day and night. Enhance your visibility with the power of light.

Light Bulb Letters

Step back in time while stepping up your signage game with our Light Bulb Built-Up Letters. Echoing the classic allure of fairgrounds, these multi-faceted, golf-ball shaped LED bulbs offer a blend of vintage charm and modern efficiency. Whether embedded in open-faced letters or arranged uniquely, they provide low energy consumption and long-lasting brilliance. Perfect for achieving that ‘vintage’ look with the reliability of contemporary technology.

Push Through Letters

Push Through Letters add an elevated dimension to signage, combining depth with subtle illumination for a sophisticated look. These letters are precisely cut out from the signage panel, allowing the material—often acrylic—to push through from behind, creating a striking 3D effect. Integrated lighting behind the panel ensures the letters glow, enhancing visibility and impact, especially after dark. Ideal for businesses seeking a refined and modern aesthetic for their brand identity.

Halo Illumination

Halo Illumination brings a captivating aura to your signage, creating a soft, indirect light effect that outlines each letter or logo with a gentle glow. This lighting technique involves installing LED lights behind the cut-out elements on a sign, casting a diffused light onto the backing surface and creating a ‘halo’ effect around each character. Perfect for businesses aiming for an upscale, sophisticated appearance, Halo Illumination adds depth and ambiance without overpowering the viewer’s gaze.

Neon Illumination

Neon Illumination offers a vibrant, eye-catching option for businesses looking to make a bold statement. This classic form of lighting brings a nostalgic yet modern feel to any sign, combining bright colours and fluid shapes to create dynamic visual interest. Perfect for establishments wanting to stand out with a retro flair or a contemporary twist, neon lighting adds character and warmth, inviting customers to explore further.

Mirror & Brushed Letters

Mirror & Brushed Letters elevate signage to an art form, offering a sleek and sophisticated option for businesses that value professionalism and style. Crafted from aluminium composite, these letters come in finishes that range from the reflective sheen of a mirror to the subtle texture of brushed metal. Available in a palette of gold, silver, bronze, and copper, they provide a versatile solution for enhancing your brand’s presence, whether on shop facades, within interiors, or guiding the way.

Infinity Mirror

The Infinity Mirror offers a captivating visual experience, creating an illusion of endless space within a compact form. By cleverly combining a standard mirror, strategic LED placement, and a one-way mirror, this innovative design multiplies light and reflection into a seemingly infinite regression. The effect? A mesmerizing visual that draws viewers into a perpetual expanse, adding a touch of magic and mystery to any setting.

Door Numbers & Name Plaques

Elevate the entrance of your home or business with bespoke Door Numbers and Name Plaques, meticulously crafted to reflect your unique style and prestige. Our in-house craftsmen offer a tailored design experience, allowing you to select from a diverse range of materials including brushed aluminium in silver or gold, classic wood, durable vinyl, and sleek acrylic. Each option promises not only to complement your space but to set it apart with a touch of personalisation and sophistication.

Wall Mounted Maps

Transform any space into a hub of exploration and elegance with our Wall Mounted Maps. Utilising the latest UV LED printing technology, we craft detailed, crisp maps on premium acrylic, ensuring every inch is captured with pristine clarity. Encased in a sleek aluminium frame and backlit with integrated lighting, these maps offer not just information but an immersive visual experience. Whether it’s a focal point for your living room, office, or a public space, our custom-sized maps bring the world to your walls with undeniable X Factor appeal.

Digital Display Totem

Elevate your promotional strategy with the cutting-edge sophistication of our Digital Display Totem. This free-standing, single-sided marvel is designed not just to catch the eye but to captivate it. Capable of showcasing both image slideshows and videos—with options for sound—this digital solution brings your message to life in the most dynamic way possible. Whether placed in a retail setting, a corporate lobby, or at a special event, the digital display totem is your answer to making an unforgettable impact.